Our Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping

Are you recently engaged? Or have you been wearing your sparkler for a while now and have now decided that it’s finally about time to say “I do”? Either way, no doubt the thought of Wedding Dress shopping has crossed your mind. Whether you want a traditional white ballgown, or a floaty boho style wedding dress or even something completely different you’ll have no doubt spent many an hour searching for “THE DRESS” online and now it’s the time to start visiting bridal boutiques to try some on.

Have you set your heart on a particular designer? Or maybe you just know what style of dress you are looking for. If it’s the latter, then you will need to find out which boutiques stock said designer and then check on the website to see if they have what you’re looking for. Bear in mind though, boutiques don’t usually put photo’s of their entire range on their website, instead showcasing a selection of samples, so it is always worth contacting them to discuss your ideas.

So it’s arrived, appointment day. You’ve set yourself up with appointments at a selection of boutiques and you’re excited and slightly anxious about what lies in store for you. The important thing to remember is to keep an open mind when Wedding dress shopping, often the type of dress that you have spent hours poring over is not THE DRESS. In fact, more often than not, the dress that in your head you have already discounted or the “wildcard” ends up being the one that leaves the biggest impression on your mind.

Try not to try on too many dresses in one day as you can end up feeling overwhelmed and they will all blur into one.

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